Phyllanthus emblica Studies

Effects of Evaluation of the effect of a standardized aqueous extract of the fruits of emblica officinalis on mental stress induced cardiovascular changes in healthy human subjects; P. Usharani*, E. SudhaRani, K. KiranKishore, and P. Raveendranath. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (2015): 90.24
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Effects of Phyllanthus emblica extract on endothelial dysfunction and biomarkers of oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized, double‐blind, placebo controlled study. Pingali Usharani, Nishat Fatima, Muralidhar Nizampatnam; Diabetes,Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy 2013:6 1–10.

Pilot study evaluating the use of Emblica officinalis standardized fruit extract in cardio respiratory improvement and antioxidant status of volunteers with smoking history. Tuhin Kanti Biswas, Shraban Chakrabarti, Srikant Pandit, Utpalendu Janaa, Subrata Kumar Dey;Journal of Herbal Medicine, 4 (2014) 188‐194.
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Study of pharmacodynamic interaction of Phyllanthus emblica extract with clopidogrel and ecosprin in patients with type II diabetes mellitus; Nishat Fatima, Usharani Pingali, N. Muralidhar. Phytomedicine. j.phymed.2013.10.024.

Supplementation of a Standardized Extract from Phyllanthus emblica Improves Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Platelet Aggregation in Overweight/Class‐1 Obese Adults. Savita Khanna, Amitava Das, James Spieldenner, Cameron Rink, and Sashwati Roy; J Med Food 18 (4)2015, 415–420.
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Evaluation of Phyllanthus emblica extract on cold pressor induced cardiovascular changes in healthy human subjects. Nishat Fatima, Usharani Pingali, Raveendranadh Pilli; Pharmacognosy Research | January‐March 2014 | Vol 6 | Issue 1.

A Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effect of Highly Standardized Aqueous Extracts of Phyllanthus emblica, Withania somnifera and their Combinations on Endothelial Dysfunction and Biomarkers in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus. P. Usharani, P.V. Kishan, Nishat Fatima and C. Uday Kumar; IJPSR, 2014; Vol. 5(7): 2687‐2697.

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